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221g Cover Letter Sample


I came to India in Dec 2015 for my H1 stamping. VO asked few questions n took all my documents. He handed me a white slip n said he needs to review my case. After few months when I tried enquiring about my case, I got to know, my visa has been denied n petition is sent to USCIS for review on January 4, 2016. USCIS has still not received my petition and there is no change in my status(Petition still shows as Approved). Also I never received any denial mail from Consulate.

Now I want to go back to US as my Spouse’s dependent (He is in US on a valid H1 visa)

So my question is, what are my chances of getting H4 visa as my H1 is still under review. Can I expect H4 visa denial based on my previous denial.

Please help me as its been 6 months n I am stuck in India without my family. I have below questions.

1. After reading the posts in this trail, Do I really need to resign from my current company (US based company and I am on leave right now) before going for H4 interview?

2. If my Employer is withdrawing my case or petition after I resign, will my petition still be valid/Cap exempt to reuse in future.

3. Since I have not received any letter from consulate stating about my visa denial, what should I answer in DS160 about the question of previous Visa denial?

4. What are the things I should take care while attending H4 interview.

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    221g sample document for reference

    Last edited by Murali; 10-09-2007 at 09:55 PM.
    We got several request from users to provide a sample of 221g document issued by consulate.


    We are putting it here for your reference. Profound thanks to the users who sent it to us.

    I would also encourage and request to all of you, that while sending you suggestions, do send such documents or any other reference material so others can get the help. This is your forum, with your help we can make it better.

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    reg:221G (us-consulate-australia)

    hi friends

    i attended my H1 b interview last few days back ,

    had technical interview( basic questions on vb , .net,oracle)

    VO satisfied every thing during the interview but he asked more on company side and he sustained my visa saying 221 g , company 3 years tax returns and client project schedule

    so plz kindly reply .....

    how long this process will continue after sending all this documents

    plz help me out friends.....
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    221(g) melbourne

    hi suresh,
    i too got a 221g on 10 july 2006 from melboune consulate.
    i atended for interview on 20 mar ,2006. They took all my I797, I129, LCA, n other docs such as tax returns, client details n projects description etc.
    i have my passport with me( as i asked them 2 send it abt 2 weeks back)
    in the letter it is given that my application is now sent back to USCIS for review and review is a lengthy process.
    i am confused what other docs do they need or how should i proceed.
    any reply/ suggestion would be great..


  4. 08-19-2006, 02:16 AM#4

    Hi suresh,

    so did u send the req documents.. i knw few guys who were waiting for 221 g results frm the last 2 months..

    So dont worry , they might take a while to give u the final result..

    especially melb embassy.. is getting worse.. these days..

    Anyway u will defintely get the visa approved.. dont worry.. n gud luck


  5. 08-22-2006, 09:12 PM#5

    Hi I Got A Problem Too Can Anyone Help?

    Hi All,
    I Got My H1-b Papers Recently From My Employer. Actually I Am Currently Attending The Interview In Sydney As I Did My Masters In I.t From Sydney. But My Employer Checked The Passport And Filed The Petition In Chennai As My Indian Address Is Of From Hyd. So Is There Any Drama?

    Prashanth R Pal
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    Please help me out Im too for 221(g)


    Im Dinesh my visa date was on Nov 9th and i have been given a blue form 221(g) requesting for some more documents from my petitioner. They have asked for their employee details and their contracts. I have already informed them and they r on the try 2 prepare them.

    Once i get the docs the VO had told 2 put them in the drop box. I need some clarifcations here:

    * Should i have 2 fill the forms DS156 and DS157 again or i can just drop the copies of previous forms.

    * Can i try 2 go for a direct interview

    * They have told me to drop my Passport also if its delayed then when can i get it back.

    * They already have my 797, I129 and my experience certificates. Can i alteast get back my experience certificates

    Please help me out


  7. 12-21-2006, 11:37 AM#7

    vamsy koundinya

    Hi everyone

    This is vamsi i hve taken appointment on 4th jan in chennai.. wht r the docs required from my current company. and am workng on contract basis. so can anyone reply to me at ur earliest convienene..

    Thanks & Regards

  8. 12-22-2006, 12:58 AM#8

    the format of 221(g) is changed, i got blue form 221(g) from chennai consulate on 12 dec, in that they mentioned all the documents names, just they are just ticking it and giving , below they have others coloums which they can write for additional documents required not mentioned in the list.

  9. 12-22-2006, 01:06 AM#9

    hi dinesh
    i too had same problem, they kept my ds-156, ds157, i-797,i-129, in the blueform 221(g) they mentioned to drop all this .
    i visited vfs dropbox in hyderabad, they said, while droping the documents they told to write a letter to the consulate that they have kept our ds forms and other documents mentioned in the 221(g) blue form.

  10. 12-28-2006, 08:12 AM#10

    221(g) for indian companies

    Hi all members
    consulate members are issueing 221(g) and Additional administrative processing for the petitioners companies which are headed by indian people,
    as a members of this site can we do anything for this,
    Sudha rani

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