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Drug Abuse Prevention Essays

Subject: Drug Abuse and prevention
Usage: 3 minute Speech for children/ Essay on Drug abuse
Mode: Medium
Grade: Students from Class 5-10
Target Age Group: 10-15 Years

Respected dignitaries on the dais, teachers and my dear friends,

We must have heard a thousand times that the most memorable part in one’s life is the time when you are a student. We all should consider our self fortunate that we are now enjoying and going through the best part of our lives. Powered by the limitless energy and enthusiasm, Students always tends to be sensitive and adventurous. This is the reason why campuses across the world are always the epicenter of all types of hyper activities, be it personal, political, intellectual or social. Unfortunately, this is also the stage where there is a high probability that we experience the first tastes of highly addictive and disastrous habits like  drugs intake, Smoking and alcohol consumption.

Having mentioned all these habits as eventual destroyers of life, Drugs, deserves a special mention as it’s the most addictive among all and even affects society in many ways. Like all other habits, drugs intake starts with a little adventurous mindset and a probable tendency of the youth to explore an unknown terrain.  Sometimes circles of friends and other social reasons tends to have a catalyst effect. Unfortunately, most of these innocent, one time pleasure seekers soon fall into the vicious trap of drug addiction. It’s only a matter of time and a dozen intakes to make one completely dependent on drugs.

The effect of drugs are numerous. It completely strips one’s personality, and also plays a role in posing many major social and health problems like financial crisis, accidents due to driving under its influence, crimes due to violent natures, highly stressed and agitated states, lack of sleep, abnormal vision, theft and other social crimes , child abuses etc. Drug addiction can force an individual to be in a depressed mood, lack of concentration in studies and work. Often  drug addicts move more and more into criminal activities. Suicidal tendencies also exists among them. Its is unofficially estimated that an addict may not live for more than 15-20 years after his first contact with drugs.

Today more than 200 million people is estimated to consume illegal drugs.  The world has already realized this problem and governments, NGO’s and other bodies are fighting this. The United General Assembly decided to observe 26 June as the International Day against Drugs. With the help of other countries, UN along with its member countries  is determined to strengthen action and cooperation to achieve the goal of an international society free of drug abuse. Supported each year by individuals, Governments, communities and various organizations all over the world, this global observance day aims to raise citizen awareness about the major problem that drugs poses to society.

Student community should be always vigilant about this menace. Let’s organize awareness campaigns among our friends about this. If we find some strange incidents in our campus, or any suspicious activities among students, let’s not hesitate to report it to our parents and concerned authorities. More important let’s take a wow that we will never use Drugs in our life.

Thank you

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Ventura Perspective

Teens on Drug Prevention : Essay winners give their alternatives to 'Just Say No'

Teens believe they are invincible, that nothing can stop them. I think it's not enough just to tell us not to do stuff. It's time to show us what this "stuff" will do to us and to our lives. We should start a program joining addicts or ex-addicts who can tour the nation, going to junior highs and high schools to show that drugs of any kind (and I consider tobacco and alcohol drugs) are not petty things but that they can lead to messed-up lives and even death.

It's time we quit fooling around with little cartoons and gimmicks and start getting into the gritty facts of life with kids old enough to understand. We have to stop covering each other's eyes hoping the problem will go away.

ROSARIO PULIDO, 10th grade, Birmingham High School, Van Nuys. First prize.


I suggest that if we're trying to reach teenagers we obtain their interest by hitting them with what they enjoy most. Here is a brief description of what my prevention video would be like:

Scene 1: Background music is playing. The words "Drug Effects" appear on screen, light up, then become ashes and disappear.

Scene 2: The word "Drug" appears and its definition. Drug names are shown really fast, one after the other.

Scene 3: The word "Tobacco" appears and all its dangers.

Scene 4: Teenagers are shown using drugs and "having fun."

Scene 5: The word "Alcohol" appears and all its dangers.

Scene 6: Teenagers are shown drinking and "having fun."

Scene 7: The words "Even Worse When Mixed" appear and begin twisting and mixing, resembling a tornado, then drift away.

Scene 8: Destruction by teens. Police officers arrest them. Depressed faces are shown, cars crashing and victims being taken out of their vehicles by paramedics.

Scene 9: Rates of drug-related deaths are presented. A wise voice says: "It's up to us to inform you about the dangers you face when you use drugs, but it's up to you to stay alive." You see the words: "Alcohol+Drugs=Death." The screen fades. Music begins to play again.

ANGELINA VALLE, 10th grade, James Monroe High School, North Hills. Second prize.


I would distribute humorous pamphlets in fluorescent colors with comical illustrations to draw the attention of young people and speak to them about drugs, the risks they run by using then and the extent of the harm they do to themselves.

I would establish in all schools meetings for parents to inform and help them if they have children with drug problems. I would encourage parents to take at least one hour one day a week to talk with their adolescents about the problems they face.

I would establish in every community youth encounter groups through the churches where young people could get together to discuss what causes youth to opt for the road that leads to drug use and, for many, to death.

ANNETTE RIGGIO, ninth grade, Herbert Hoover High School, Glendale. Third prize.


Teens need to be talked to by responsible teens or young adults. Maybe more athletes and actors who are good role models could talk to them. Teens need someone to tell them about their own struggles or the way they stayed away from drugs and alcohol. They need someone to speak to them on their level, someone with a positive outlook.

Teens think smoking is trendy. They see their favorite actors and actresses smoking on TV and in the movies, and it's made to look cool. But actors should be good role models since teens look up to them and want to be like them.

Teens say parents and adults are too hard on them and that makes them want to smoke, do drugs, and drink alcohol more. They need to be taught not to do it, but without pounding it into their heads, because they won't listen.

Teens are just trying to be rebellious. They need to know that there are other ways to show their individuality, and they need to be educated about the health hazards.

Teens need a place where they can get their questions about anything answered anonymously. They need people they can talk to.


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