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Year 7 Dt Homework Answers

KS3 Curriculum

At key stage 3, students will study one lesson a week for three years. Students learn about a range of materials and processes in order to manufacture various products. Projects include hand made acrylic keyings, pewter cast pendants, aluminuim mobile phone stands and pine trinket boxes.

KS4 Curriculum

Resistant Materials is the design and making of products using a range of materials: natural woods, man-made boards, plastics and metals. This subject has been designed to encourage students, who want to be able to design and make products with creativity and originality, using a wide range of designing, modelling and making skills.

Students will be enthused and challenged by the range of practical activities possible. They will be encouraged to learn through practical experimentation and modelling. They will design and make products, evaluating and improving on their designs in the process.

During the course students are given the opportunity to design in 2 and 3 dimensions, using 3 dimensional modelling, 2 and 3 dimensional drawing and Google Sketchup. Students will use traditional and new technologies and processes to manufacture their products. They will be expected to design, make, analyse and evaluate products considering the social, economic and environmental impact.

YEAR 11 – Edexcel Design & Technology Resistant Materials 2009

Controlled assessment: 60% 
Students must complete a design and make activity. They will choose a task from a range provided by Edexcel, our exam board. These tasks can be contextualised to best suit the preference of the student.
All work, with the exception of research and preparation, must be done under informal supervision in school. Research and preparation may be completed under limited supervision.
Students need to complete their designing and making within 40 hours of informal supervision

Exam: 40%
This unit is assessed through a 1-hour and 30-minute examination paper set and marked by Edexcel.
The examination paper will be a question and answer booklet and all questions are compulsory.
The examination paper will consist of multiple-choice, short-answer and extended-writing questions.

YEAR 10 – Edexcel Design & Technology (9-1) 2017

Controlled assessment: 50%
Students will undertake a project based on a contextual challenge released by Edexcel on 1st June.  The project will test students’ skills in investigating, designing, making and evaluating a prototype of a product. The task will be internally assessed and externally moderated.

Exam: 50% (20% core + 30% specialism)
This unit is assessed through a 1-hour and 45-minute examination paper set and marked by Edexcel.

This section contains a mixture of different question styles, including open-response, graphical, calculation and extended-open-response questions. There will be 15 marks of calculation questions .

Knowledge and understanding

Edexcel GCSE in Design and Technology: Resistant Materials requires students to demonstrate the application and understanding of:

  • materials and components
  • industrial and commercial processes
  • analysing products
  • designing products
  • technology
  • sustainability
  • ethical design and manufacture


This Edexcel GCSE in Design and Technology: Resistant Materials requires students to:

  • design creatively
  • make products
  • apply systems and control, computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM), digital media and new technologies (where appropriate) analyse and evaluate processes and products.


Student will receive an average of 1 hour of homework a fortnight, across the academic year. Typical homework tasks will include research of theory and practical processes, designing and revision. Homework is intended to develop knowledge and understanding of the subject and to prepare students for future lessons.

Student will receive an average of 1 hour of homework per week, across the academic year. Homework tasks will vary from written work to research, designing and revision. All homework will bet set with the intention of preparing students for the exam or controlled assessment lessons.  Controlled assessment catch-up is available throughout the week, in consultation with class teachers.

Link to Edexcel Resistant Materials: http://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-gcses/design-and-technology-resistant-materials-2009.html

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