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Pre K Homework Calendar Activities Days

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This sample is one of my freebies for the month of June.

As per customer request, these monthly homework charts are now editable. You can even save the information you entered (just save under another file name).

The calendar is customized for the 2015-16 school year (August through June), and include activities for each weekday, all of them aligned with Kindergarten Common Core. Includes letter for parents explaining how it works. As all my other homework calendars, it will be updated once the school year is over.

If you are not familiar with this tool, this is how I use it. Basically, I insert the chart for the current month in each student’s folder. Students pick at least 3 activities per week to complete, although, in the past I had students completing the whole chart. As they complete each activity, they color the corresponding box, and parents initial it. At the end of the month, I replace the chart with the new month. Simple and organized.

Kindergarte Homework Calendar EDITABLE 2015-2016

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It can be daunting for new learners to understand the new concept of a calendar. We see five weeks of seven days. They see 35 spaces in a grid, some with numbers, some without.
Teaching your students to understand the days, weeks, and months on a calendar not only gives them a necessary skill, but also gives you an avenue to introduce new concepts like comparing weather on specific days and scheduling.
As with many early learning concepts, learning the calendar comes down to repetition and memorization. Make calendar time a part of their daily routine. Start with the smallest part, teaching them the days of the week. You can emphasize things that will happen in the future with future tense verbs.
There are many songs you can use, as well as many of the resources provided by Education.com that could help with this. Each day, show them the current day in a single week calendar so they can see where it fits with the rest of the days.
Once your students have memorized the days of the week, broaden your calendar to include the full month. Start teaching the months of the year using the same strategies you used for the days of the week. Now, every day, you will still mention the day of the week, but you’ll be using a full month calendar, reinforcing the current month as well.
Once your students understand how to read the calendar, you can begin to introduce new concepts building on this, including seasons, weekdays and weekends, and simple calendar math.

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