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Essay On My College Experience

Life at college: The most glorious phase of one’s life

One of the most interesting stages in life that gives you an opportunity to explore is the ‘college phase.’ Life at college is the time when the teenage years end and we all dive deep into the ocean of new beginnings and possibilities. This golden period better equips you for all the challenges you’ll face in life and creates a strong foundation of knowledge. 

My experience at IIT Roorkee has taught me one fundamental thing – life is unpredictable. It might be good, it might be bad, it might be weird, and it might not interest you, but expect anything to happen. For example, you might have a wonderful job this moment, and be fired the very next moment. College life prepares you for all of this. It is a perfect blend of joy and hardships. You meet different people, you interact with them, you learn about their cultures and grow as a person. You will understand how to talk to different people, how to judge their behavior, thus helping you with important life skills.

You learn to sit through a boring lecture; you try to cope up with the surprisingly strenuous syllabus, and you have the opportunity to learn from some great research minds. Academia, as they say, never lets you go free. People might try to motivate you by telling that you need to study only through your school years and chill during the college life, but that isn’t true.

Another life lesson you will remember – the learning never ends. You find campus groups or student groups where you can explore your co-curricular skills along with many other students like you. You share common interests, and thus you share common ideas. There might have been a time where you would have had to give up drawing for your JEE Advanced preparation. Trust me, once you get into a good college, you will get an opportunity to be the artist you always wanted to be through probably a fine arts campus group. You could be that director, you could be that vocalist, you could be the dancer of your dreams – college is the Santa Claus that keeps on giving all these wonderful opportunities while you’re in it. There are also campus festivals, which draw a lot of fun crowd from other colleges and let you show off your skills. You could also enjoy with the celebrities who are invited to perform, or even show off your technical prowess in a tech festival.

The life at college is a time when you can decide your career. It’s a time of dreams and innumerable paths. You can still be as good as a programmer as the JEE Advanced topper who gets Computer Science studying a completely different Biotechnology course for your major. You can work for a non-profit organization and even gain the satisfaction of being a humanitarian. The point is that you are free to try out these new things and no one is going to forcefully control the decisions you make. Every nook and corner of the college you’d find a peaceful spot full of natural surroundings, who’s value you will only realize once you graduate from your campus. You will always remember the early morning fog, your hostel’s adorable “puppy” or even your grumpy stationery shopkeeper.

So, remember that there will be moments that carry a lot of sentimental value and you can’t help but miss those years later. The friendships you make in college life is the most important aspect. These people will give you strength and be your knights in shining armor all your life. The time you spend with your friends, playing Mafia, Poker, or arguing about any random topic, your regular lecture “bunking” to watch a new release of your favorite star, will always stay in your heart. Planning road trips, occasional adventure surges, and impulsive journeys—all these things make you more emotional when you bid adieu to the institution.

So, one fine day when you see pictures from the college of you and your friends having a good time, you’ll definitely land up smiling silently. That’s the beauty of college life. It stays with you long after you’ve climbed those ladders of success and forgotten the name of that cute crush you used to drool over.

Life at college is a wild mish-mash of experiences, what with all sort of hilarious stuff going down in the hostels! Read about such stuff here.

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My College Experience and Its Value - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay

     In high school I thought attending either a two-year or four-year college consisted of me working hard to achieve a degree that would in turn help me land a job. Not only would I walk away with a degree to help me out when it came down to looking for a job, but the useful and successful skills would also come in handy. That job would help me pay back the money I borrowed in the first place to complete my higher education. But, after attending a college for my freshman year I found out that attending a college was so much bigger than what I originally thought.
     Not only does attending college get you one step closer to being qualified for a career of your dreams, but college also allows you to have fun while you work hard. Now, going to college can be fun because you get to meet new people who have the same interests as you. Having professors that care about you and want to see you excel inside and outside the classroom. Then, you can also explore a whole new realm of math, science, literature, and even a new language. You could even take an array of classes that peak your interest and meet your wildest desires, of course all along with work hard towards that degree in the end which will help you ensure a job after you graduate.
     Of course, your parents always say they want their children to do better than they did; therefore going to college is not only seen as a fun place but as a place that teaches any individual responsibility and independence. Most of the time, we all can’t wait to go to college because we are finally away from our parents telling us what to do and when to do it. But, now when at college we find out for ourselves that our meals aren’t always going to be cooked and ready for us and our laundry isn’t going to wash itself. Plus, when it’s getting late and we are still working hard on a paper, your parents aren’t going to be there to tell you to go to bed and get a good night’s rest for tomorrow’s classes. When you look at the whole “college experience” this way, it can be a little overwhelming and hard to bare, but college isn’t only meant to get us ready for our possible careers, it is also a building guide to teach us how to live on our own and fend for ourselves because sooner or later we will truly be out on our own.
     In the end, college to me isn’t just a place where I have to work hard and study all the time to get my degree to help me get a job and in turn pay off my college bills. Now having spent a whole year as a college student I understand that when going to college comes a whole lot of responsibility and independence. Not only do I get the freedom to take classes of my choice and ones that also peak my interest and push me closer to my desired career.  To me, college stands for getting a higher education to help me succeed later on in my life and throughout these four years of my life and college is going to help me find out the type of person I am going to become. Therefore my college education means the world to me and it is going to be something you can’t put a price on, because it will be so valuable and priceless to me. 

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