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Nick Stone is back in London but if he thought he was home for a break, he’s very, very wrong.

Backed into a corner by a man he knows he cannot trust, ex-deniable operator Nick Stone strikes a devil’s bargain. In exchange for his own safety – a life for a life – Stone is charged with locating someone who doesn’t want to be found, currently hiding out in the one of the remotest corners of the UK. And for the first time in a long time, he’s not operating alone.

But Stone and his team don’t find just anyone. They find a world-class hacker, so good that her work might threaten the stability of the western world as we know it. These are dangerous waters and Stone is quickly in over his head. Before he finally knows which way to turn, the choice is ripped out of his hands.

Most people might think of home as safety but Nick Stone isn’t most people. For him and his team, it’s just another place to get caught in the line of fire…

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Andy McNab Biography:

It is sad when young mothers abandon their newborns, but amazing what great people they can become. Andy McNab, born December 28, 1959, was left on steps of a hospital in Southwark, London, cradled in a shopping bag from Harrods. This beginning seemed to have a very negative impact on his life. McNab became a high school drop-out, never having performed particularly well in school. He worked odd jobs, usually for people he knew, switching occupations often. Soon, McNab turned to a life of petty crime, performing several burglaries, and was finally arrested for one of his crimes in 1976. Being arrested must have given McNab time to reflect over his life, because it was after that time that he decided to start a military career. This too did not come easy to him. McNab failed the entry test for joining the British Army as a pilot. Nevertheless, he managed to become an enlisted member of the proud Royal Green Jackets by the tender age of sixteen.

The army career of Andy McNab seemed to overshadow all of his past failures in life. Although once a criminal, he became a key member of the military. McNab was stationed in South Armagh of Northern Ireland during the years 1977 to 1978. By 1979 he was promoted to the position of Lance Corporal. It was during his stay in Armagh that he was forced to take the life of another just to stay alive, although some reports claim the man was only wounded after being shot by McNab and that he had died from being shot again later that same day. Nevertheless, this success is what helped him earn a promotion and be awarded with a Military Medal. Having served as a Royal Green Jackets member for eight years, McNab was selected for SAS in 1982. He failed testing yet again but managed to pass in 1984. It was there that he served with Charles Bruce QGM; a man McNab calls one of his heroes. McNab served in his position with B Squadron on the Air Troop of SAS for 10 years. During this time he worked in several covert operations, as well as some overt ones. His work included operations in counter terrorism and drugs within the Far East, Middle East, Northern Ireland, as well as Central and South America. McNab also became a specialist in several related skills, such as prime target elimination and covert surveillance. He even served in the infamous First Gulf War where he took leadership of Bravo Two Zero. This was an SAS patrol team of eight men that had the special task of breaking the line of communication between northwest Iraq and Baghdad. The team was compromised soon after being deposited into Iraq and was forced to flee towards Syria on foot. Unfortunately, four members of the team were later captured, including McNab. Three of them were killed and only one escaped. During this time, McNab became severally injured. He was later freed and spent six months receiving medical treatment. In 1993, McNab left SAS as a highly decorated soldier.

His time in military service is what inspired McNab to become an author. He has written several books based on high experiences and is now one of Britain’s bestselling authors, having been registered officially by Nielsen BookScan. McNab’s intricate knowledge when it comes to what a special forces soldier experiences is what has allowed him to create detailed storied that leave readers on the edge. However, as the work done in SAS is extremely sensitive and there just might be a few terrorist organizations around the world that would still enjoy capturing him, all of the works McNab creates must be first cleared by Britain’s Ministry of Defense and he himself hides away from the public, never revealing his face, current location, or true identity.

McNab has written several books for charity through Quick Reads. Many of the books are available in audio versions, released by BBC raw. Some of the titles and series written by McNab include Men at War, Dropzone, The New Recruit, Tom Buckingham, and Battlefield 3. His nonfiction titles include Bravo Two Zero, named after the team he commanded, and Immediate Action, along with two others. The list of fiction books by McNab cover more than 30 titles, covering both his audio book titles as well as those in print. Having began as a writer back in 1993, McNab has continued to release new stories at a rate of at least one a year for the past decade. His latest book is projected to be released in October of 2013 and is titled Silencer.

Exploring Books by McNab:

Although Immediate Action is a nonfiction title, it is the story of a life far from ordinary. The book is about the live of McNab, covering his being found on the hospital steps to his going off to serve in the First Gulf War. It tells about his life as a societal outcast and deviant youth who could never stay far from trouble. Through the pages of the book, McNab’s life in the SAS is revealed. Immediate Action contains lots of grim humor and horrific detail about the lifestyle lead inside of the rugged special forces unit. Another book McNab wrote is called Seven Troop. It is about a unit of soldiers with a relationship so close, they are like brothers. This story also covers live inside SAS. Yet again a nonfiction story about his own life, Seven Troop covers ten years of McNab’s military career. It talks about the bonds that were created between those who served with them as they first met up in the jungle of Malayan and the gripping tales of things that happened as they served together.

Taking Andy McNab Books to Film:

The story of Bravo Two Zero was made into a movie for television and ran as a miniseries in 1999. It is broken up into two one-hour shows. His book, Firewall, was transformed into a movie called Echelon, a project that was set to start filming in 2012, but whose release date has not been set. McNab has also had one of his books, Battlefield 3, turned into a video game.

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