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Reorganizing Yahoo Case Study Analysis For Education


Yahoo Strategic Plan 2SummaryYahoo can be likened to the popular yellow pages; this is because it provides a valuableand fast source of information to the entire world. It is used by more than three million peopleand is considered to be one of the leading internet businesses. Even though, Yahoo gained itsreputation and is one of the biggest search engines in the world, it has to deal with a lot of competition emanating from AOL and Google. These companies exert a lot of effort to developtheir websites search engine features everyday. Therefore, this has lead to a major decline in usertraffic on Yahoo’s sites and also affects the company’s revenues. On the other hand, Yahoomanages its services and products as a long-term focus since it believes that this is the bestmethod of running business. Nevertheless, the company believes that in order to compete withGoogle and AOL, it must continue to respond to the changing market and remain as a familiar,trustworthy media source. Summarily, the company’s corporate information and an overview of its operations, mandate in terms of vision, mission, values and stakeholders are evaluated. Thefundamental components of the company's internal environment including employee-employeeand employee-management relationships, work structures, organizational behaviors, ethics,financial position, products and employee incentives are discussed. External environmentalfactors which characterize the company's operations like competition, growth strategies,competitive strategies and market positions are also deduced. Finally, the various strategies usedby yahoo in terms economic models, differentiation and control are discussed with economicmodel chosen as the best strategy to adopt. The paper does not include yahoo strategic optionsand recommendations.

Case 30: Yahoo! Inc. 2Organization Profile & Case Summary Technology is a fundamental human adaptation to which economic markets and consumer behavior foreshadow whether there will be divergence, or convergence, in consumer product preferences. It has been placed as a powerful force that can bring worlds together by flattening them, or creating a competition in the certain markets. The rate of information transfer through large network such as Yahoo!, could have erased the borders and create new market capacity. However the company took an opposite turn; which resulted in information, but not experience and talent; therefore, leading a world astray from converging possibilities. Over its journey of almost 17 years, Yahoo! Inc., has become the world’s largest online network integrated service provider with users exceeding 500 million in numbers worldwide. Global awareness among twenty markets and regions, Yahoo! Is known for its search engine and host of other services like finance, e-mail, advertising, and social media. A company on a global scale must consider the powerful force that drives the world to cultural commonness. This force, was started as a personal website directory by two doctorate candidates at Stanford University, named David Filo And Jerry Yang. Filo and Yang had a visionof prospering revenue from their web directory by allowing companies to advertise their products on their online directory. This innovative idea caught attention by many investors because of its product preference migrated from its origins to throughout the global arena. The popularity of the product instantly grew through technological mediums that extend growth of new markets in different territories across the globe. Once the recognition grew, Yahoo! gained

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