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Lego Batman 2 Asylum Assignment Minikit Mr Freeze Meme

Asylum Assignment | Minikits LB2 Guide

#01 - In the pool with fishes you will get to the blocked fan. Destroy it, move inside and turn left.

#02 - Fly over fence with swimming ban sign and pick up minikit.

#03 - In underwater location move to the wall on the right and pull the lever with Aquaman or Killer Croc.

#04 - In location with leaking water, move to the right and open box with Joker. Set the bricks and use lever on the right.

#05 - After get on the top of frozen wall move to the right, use magnesium on blue handle, set bricks with Green Lantern, jump down and take minikit.

#06 - In ice chamber send penguin to the igloo on the right, detonate him near fractured pane, enter the room and move to the left top corner.

#07 - In the area with six screens. Outfit Robin in acrobatic suit, move left and jump onto first pole. Continue jumping on the right until you reach the minikit.

#08 - To get this minikit you have to clean 5 pictures (you can do this by using Aquaman's water). First of them is on the left side in area with screens (minikit #07). Second one is under yellow plate at the end of the narrow corridor (picture). Third, fourth and fifth are in location with big stairs leading to the top - two of them are on the both sides of stairs and the last one is on the cell on the right.

#09 - In the location with cage at the bottom of the screen. Use Lex to destroy black doors and enter to the room.

#10 - In this same location move to the platform on the left top corner and use Poison Ivy on the plant on the floor.

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