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Are Women Better Parents Than Men Essay

In the modern era. Men and women have equal rights, both play a crucial role in the sophisticated era. Some people think that men are as good as women in nourishing and educating the children, while others believe that, it is normal and general that, women have to accustomed to cooking, domestic work and taking care of children much more than men do. However, from my perspective, women have a significant and special role in taking care and bringing up their kids because they are more familiar with the needs of kids, since their birth and moreover mother get more opportunities to contact with their kids as compared to men.

There is no denying fact; Parents always ready to give sacrifices to their loving children. Apart from that, parents are always ready to help and give guidance to their children in every step of life. Parents are sweet and lovely. Parents never turned their kids down and made the excuses for it. So Life without parental support and guidance can be a disaster. But in some cases, women can be better parents, than men, because women are more attached to their child since birth.

Firstly, Women are calm, loving and quite nature counts as an advantage in being better parents. For example, if the child is in trouble, the mother can easily understand the basic needs of their kids. Because the mother is too much attached to their kids since birth. Mother easily familiarization, acquaintance, and acclimatization the needs of children. So we can say that women are better parents than men. Mother always tries to fill the life of their kids with joy and happiness. Besides mother is the best teacher and guides the kids in completing their homework and makes their future bright and better citizen also. Ultimately, it is fact that women pay more attention and care to their children so women are better parents than men.

Secondly. Women are tolerant and patience than men, so women relation with their kids and little angles are sacred and pure from the first day of pregnancy. For example, if the children faced any kind of problem, then kids feel comfortable to share it with the mother instead of a father. Even children feel hesitancy to communicate with their father due to their strict and harsh behaviour because Children have tendency and propensity that mother listens to their problems and find the way to sort out. Children always feel the reluctance to open their heart to their fathers. As consequences, it can be justified saying that mother is a close friend, the outstanding psychologist for their kids.

Lastly, Women have been deeply rooted and firmly implanted with this sole responsibility, for many years how to raise their children in the best way. On the other hand, men have been sole responsibility for getting finance for their family and support their family with money and proper funds. So men are sole financial providers for their family. As a result, men are busy and work hard to manage finances for their family. And their projects deprive men to have spare valuable time with their kids. Their contribution to their family is undeniable but it is a fact of educating and nourishing of kids, their wives seem to outweigh them. It is true that mothers work from morning till midnight, to meet deadlines, but they always ready to something special for their kids, and spend too much in caring of their children, and also take care of their physical and emotional aspects.

Finally, some women who are not good at domestic work faced difficulty initially but with the passage of time, they have learned how to handle household work. Later on, they have familiarized themselves in all activities and proved as a good mother.

In conclusion, men are doing their best for their kids, but women are still outweighing men in terms of nourishing, child rearing.

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 3 - Women make better parents than men and that is why they have the greater role in raising children

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IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task:

Many people believe that women make better parents than men and that is why they have the greater role in raising children in most societies. Others claim that men are just as good as women at parenting.

Write an essay expressing your point of view.

Give reasons for your answers and provide relevant example and experience you might have.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:   (Neutral Argument)
Parental responsibilities and roles are very important for the parents to make their children prepared for the future. The way a father or mother treats a child affects greatly for his/her future growth both mentally and physically. If parents fail to take great care of their children, then those children might go astray and will claim their parents for their misfortune. Every mother and father love his or her children more than anything in this world and they expect them to be great persons and well established in future. Throughout the human history, mothers mainly take care of the children and do most of the works for the children. On the contrary, men are mainly busy outside the home to earn the living for the whole family.

This is not to say that men are not of importance in children caring and they do not know their kids. They are most necessary if children are to appreciate fully the roles of both sexes. But women have proven themselves superior parents as a result of their condition, their less aggressive natures and they are generally better to communicate with kids. Men remain busy at their works and have to stay outside the home most of the time, but women have lots of spare times to share with their children. From the time they are little girls, females learn about nurturing. First with dolls and later perhaps with younger brothers and sisters; girls are given the role of career. Girls see their mothers in the same roles and so it is natural that they identify this as a female activity. Boys, in contrast, learn competitive roles far removed from what it means to nurture. While boys may dream of adventures, girls' conditioning means they tend to see the future in terms of raising families. Girls also appear to be less aggressive than boys. In adulthood, it is men, not women, who prove to be the aggressors in crime and in war. Obviously, in raising children, a more patient, gentle manner is preferable than a more aggressive one. Although there certainly exists gentlemen and aggressive women, by and large, females are less likely to resort to violence in attempting to solve problems.
But if we consider that all women are good for their children and men can not raise a kid properly then perhaps it would be a partial judgment. Is not there any family where the mother has died or not present and it is the father who takes care of the children as well as does jobs outside? Certainly, there are lots. In third world countries, fathers are comparatively more educated than the mothers and the take care of their children's education greatly. A child needs the affection and caring of both father and mother.


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Idea Generation for this IELTS Essay:

Essay Type: Opinion Essay.

Main question of this IELTS Essay:

A. Do women make better parents than men or men are just as good as women at parenting?

Discussion Points:Who can be the better parent? Men or Women?

Women are better than men at parenting:

  • Mothers have a closer sensational relationship to their offspring than fathers because of a better bonding between them and their children.
  • Women usually spend more time with their children than men because, in many countries, they are usually less engaged in working.
  • Genetically women can be socially active and communicate better with their surrounding than the men can.
  • As a role of mother, mothers can transfer their experience to their daughters to become perfect mothers in the future.
  • A child spends most of the times, it's childhood with the mother and thus mothers have a better understanding of their offspring.
  • Genetically mothers have better quality in taking care of their children.

Men are better than women at parenting:

  • Men have been more responsible to their family financially, so they can transfer their experience to their children far better than the women can.
  • Males’ hormones help better them to be more flexible to difficult situations happening in their real life, and they can transfer their experience to their boys.
  • Fathers are usually more serious in punishing of their children than mothers, so they can control better their children to avoid crime.
  • In many societies, fathers have better educational qualifications and diverse experience. That’s why they can better prepare their children for the future. 
  • A father makes future of the child financially secure.
  • Men's contribution to a child's development is found to be more effective when it comes to imbibing discipline.

Men and women have equal role to raise their children:

  • A kid needs the affection and caring of both father and mother.
  • While mothers take care of their children, fathers work outside to bring the money home.
  • They both have qualities that should be learned by their kids.
  • In many families, both parents work outside and that's why the responsibilities of upbringing children should be equally shared.

[The above points should be helpful to aid you generating your own ideas and then turning them into a nicely written IELTS Essay. Add any point you think we have missed in the comment section.]


Sample Answer 2:(Women make better parents)
Mother and father both play a crucial role in the upbringing of children. Some people assert that women triumph over men to make better parents. In contrary to this, others claim that men are as good as women in parenting. This is very perplexing for anyone to choose one. According to me, women make better parents.

In support of my point of view, a mother is one of the first persons who gets attached to the child from the birth. A child spends most of his time, his childhood with the mother. So a child is more influenced by the mother. Secondly, a mother is the only person who takes all sorts of care of the child, like- feeding, bathing etc. Thus, mother occupies most of the child's time. This makes a strong bond between them. When a child becomes a little older and starts to go school, a mother takes care of that child's study, homework, assignment, projects etc. By this, a mother plays a crucial role in a child's education. In addition, a child learns moral values which are main ingredients to become good human from the mother.

In our society, usually we find that women spend most of the time at home and men are only breadwinners. In this type of situation, the person who can spend a chunk of the time for the nourishment of a child is a woman. Thus, women can keep her eyes on every small activity of children. Apart from that, owing to closer relationship children's shares it's emotions and problems with the mother first. Thus, mother knows her child better than anyone.

On the flip side, to maintain the status of men, they argue that men are as good as women. In spite of spending less time with the child a man earn for his child. A father makes future of the child financially secure. As financial security is as important as building child's personality.

To conclude, both women and men are equally important. But in our society women are superior to men in better parenting as they rear child very well.


(Approximately 325 words)

(Written byDhruvita Bhatt )


Model Answer 3: (Both men and women have an equal role)
In order to be a great human being in future, a child should be raised with great moral standards at home. The topic whether women or men get a major role in raising the children is a huge debate nowadays. I think both of the parents share equal credit in raising kids. Let’s ponder on the advantages on both sides.

Primarily, women are often treated as great caretakers and also the one for great future of the kids. Children spend a major chunk of their time with their mums. So, women get to teach kids on how to be a better person in the society and also on how to be a great human being. She provides nutritious foods to the children which help them to become healthy. Children learn about how to take care of others from their mums because mothers always take good care of their children. This instils a great sense of responsibility in the children.


Secondarily, men (father) are termed as their ideal person for children. Men always struggle so much in order to win bread for the family. This struggle teaches kids to study better with a dream to help the family financially in future. Fathers are often a source of inspiration for children on how to be a strong and better person in life. This helps them to grow as better and responsible citizens in future.

After looking at advantages from both sides of the argument, I conclude that both men and women share equal proportion in raising the children. Even if the proportion is not balanced, there will be a huge impact on the children. So both father and mothers hold a major role in the family.


(Approximately 285 words)
(Written byAbhi Keerthan )



Sample Answer 4:  (Both men and women have an equal role)
Parenting is an extremely important factor for the proper upbringing of a child. While some people are of the opinion that women make better parents, others think that men can also be effective in parenting.  I believe that there cannot be conclusions drawn in a generic sense relating to the gender – Men or Women. What matters most is the one who has the qualities of being a good parent; this can be either a male or female.
Women by virtue of having more patience, tend to handle children better during their infancy when patience is an important factor. Ensuring a balanced and nutritious diet for a child is again done better by women. For example, women are in a better position to understand what a child needs to take in the lunchbox for the school. Further, studies have indicated that imbibing the morals, values and ethics into a child during their growing up years is done better by mothers.
Men's contribution to a child's development is found to be more effective when it comes to imbibing discipline. This becomes important as the child's time management becomes a key to his overall behavioural traits and personality. For example, ensuring the child wakes up in time, spends the right amount of time on studies, indoor and outdoor games can be better enforced by a father. Studies also indicate that children who get addicted to one particular activity, for example, say computer games, tend to grow up as loners and whose ability to interact socially becomes limited. Men tend to have better ability to control these activities in growing children.
To conclude, it will be incorrect to draw a general inference that women make better parents than men. No two individuals are the same and everyone possesses their unique strengths. If that strength coincides with the quality required for effective parenting, they could make good parents regardless of whether they are men or women.


(Approximately 320 words)
(Written byRajesh )


Model Answer 5:(Women make better parents than men)
Raising children is definitely a very challenging task for the parents. Children need great care and support as well as enough time to be devoted to them daily to educate them with good manners. In most of the societies, this is the female role. In other societies, however, it may be the father who has taken over this task or both parents contribute equally.

In the majority of the societies since men do the outdoor tasks and are employed, the women spend most of their time at home and part of their task is raising the children. Being available all the time is necessary for parenting. A father who is working outside all day is probably not very suitable for this.

On top of this, women tend to be more affectionate and caring by nature than men. A parent needs to be kind, passionate and patient especially during early childhood, periods of sickness and so on.

On the other hand, children feel more comfortable and close to their mothers. Often, children go to their mother when there is any problem arising or for help. This is most probably because the very first person that an infant sees is the mother. All the breastfeeding and cuddling leads to the development of affection and love between the mother and the infant, and this is seen to persist all the way to adulthood. Hence, children prefer their mother to be parenting them.

In conclusion, I believe that women make better parents than men, because of their inherent nature and the love and affection they have for children.


(Approximately 264 words)
(Written byNarges Mahmoudi )


Sample Answer 6:(Both men and women have an equal role)
Many people believe women make better parents than men since the dawn of the time. Throughout the history, women have a great role in raising children in many societies and some other people claim men make good parents than women. The issue whether or not women make better parents than men is always a debatable issue. Strong arguments are there from both the sides and let us discuss in a detailed way.

Firstly, children are always attached to the mother and feel free to reach out for anything. An instance illustrating this in action is almost all of my friends are attached to my mother rather than my father. It is obvious from this that mother has a greater role in children brought up. In addition to this, Mother is a good role model for their children and children always try to follow them and naturally a mother can become a better parent than the father. For example, every child shares their happiness or sorrow to the mother first. This makes clear women make better parents than men.

There is always another side of the coin. Currently, both men and women are working in all families and children are attached equally. For example, kids of my friends are attached equally to both father and mother. This clearly shows that men also make better parents. In addition to that, men started sharing the responsibility of children and children also slowly reaching to father also. So it has proven than men also better parents than women.

Thus it is recommended that men or women both can make good parents and take responsibility of their children. It is better to share the responsibilities as much as sharing love.


(Approximately 276 words)
(Written by Jacob Kumar)


Sample Answer 7:(Both men and women have equal role)
When it comes to parenthood, females always had a predominating role to their male counterparts. Some opine that both rub their shoulders as parents. This has been a topic, wrangling over many years. In my opinion, equality being the buzzword of the day, both parents play a vital role in raising their child irrespective of genders.

From the time of antiquity, both females and males were parted on their parenthood skills. The custom showcased women sitting back at home looking after children, while men were responsible for earnings. The people at that time believed that females were better in raising children than males. The male domineering society applauded and encouraged such irrational thinking. But now, people are coming out of such yokes of irrational thinking and henceforth a notable change in situation is being witnessed.

In the present day, where equality rules, there is less emphasis on gender differences in parenthood responsibilities. Considering a mediocre family, where both parents work, both share all household duties, there does not even arise a question of not sharing parenthood. An ideal exemplification would be my own case, where my wife and myself share responsibilities when it comes to raising our daughter. We switch duties according to our office schedules and no difference on gender exists ever. This would be the case of mass, where nuclear family prevails, with no room for gender inequality.

To conclude, I would like to mention that parenthood is not weighed on one’s gender rather it is measured on one's dedication and care. So no matter what gender you belong to, you should be assiduous and   provide the best possible environment for your children to blossom. It becomes ideal when both parents compete out of caring in upbringing their child.


(Approximately 290 words)
( Written by - Vineeth V. )


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