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5th Grade Science Homework Packet

5th Grade News - Where YOU Matter!


Updated 3-2-18 (new or updated with a *)


Assignments and other important papers

40-Book Challenge

40-Book Challenge Log


* Vocabulary List 10: Test Tuesday, Mar. 6


Bad weather make-up days:

April 18 - NO Early release (1/2 day make-up)


* Spring individual and class pictures: Tuesday, March 6.  Order envelope for the class picture was sent home in the Tuesday folder this past week.  Ordering of individual pictures will be a few weeks after the pictures.


*Growth and Development presentation: Friday, March 9 (separate boys and girls talks).  Permission forms are required and have been sent home.

Parent preview is Monday, Mar. 5, at 5:30


Book Fair: March 5-9, during fine arts class time only


Middle School: In the coming weeks, we will be engaged in a lot of middle school stuff (presentations, TMS visit, course selection).  Please stay up with these happenings through the 5th Grade News and teacher e-mails.  Students going to TMS will be involved with TMS stuff, and students attending West Lake Middle School will be involved with WLMS stuff.  If your son/daughter will be attending a middle school outside your attendance zone, you will be required to go through the district transfer request process.  Until the transfer is approved by the district, your student will be doing activities and completing the course card for the middle school where they are zoned to go.  On-line only transfer request for middle school is open March 1-31.


Manner's Banquet: New date is Thursday, May 10, at the Nathaniel Center in Kingwood


Ice cream in cafeteria: 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - all classes


After school activities:

Tuesday - Math Olympiads

Tuesday - STEM Chicks (1st Tuesday of month), STEM Dudes (3rd Tuesday of month)

Tuesday - Art Club

Wednesday - Choir

Thursday - Ecobots


Earbuds/Headphones: All students are asked to bring a set of earbuds or headphones for use in the classroom throughout the year.  They need to be brought in a zipper baggie with the student's name on it.  They will be kept in the RELA teacher's classroom as that is where they will be used the most.  The earbuds or headphones will be returned at the end of the school year.  Inexpensive ones can be purchased at many stores, including dollar stores.  These will be used with iPads and Chromebooks provided by the school or possibly their own electronics.


Agenda: Every 5th grader is required to have an agenda.  These need to be purchased during Enrollment Verification, at Meet the Teacher, or by sending $5 to your child's teacher.  The money will be turned in and the agenda will be delivered to your child's teacher.  These are a primary form of communication with homework, announcements, upcoming events, and behavior notes in them.  Please sign the agenda EVERY day so the teachers know you are looking at this communication. 


Panther Patrol: Panther Patrol duty has begun (Spring group begins Jan. 29).  Panther Patrol has duty, just as normal, on early release days.  Students on morning duty should arrive as close to 7:25 as possible.  Their Panther Patrol pass allows entry into the school at that time.  Students on afternoon duty will finish their duty at various times depending on their job that week.  Car rider duty is typically the last one to finish (about 3:45-4:00).  We are not taking new applications at the beginning of the school year.  There will be another round of applications later in the fall (for the spring semester) only for NEW students to ASE this school year and students who applied in the spring, but we feel like need to reapply due to behavior and/or academic concerns in 4th grade.  All Panther Patrol students must be in good standing with their current teacher(s). Most importantly, all Panther Patrol members must be positive role models in the classroom as well as in all other areas of the school. They must have passing grades, excellent behavior, and turn in work in a timely manner. 


Google Drive: We are now using Google Apps for Education (GAFE) through Humble ISD.  This can be used to create documents or presentations and very easily shared with teachers.  Additionally, similar types of documents or presentations can be uploaded and shared.  All that is needed is a device (computer, tablet, cell phone) with internet access.  There are free apps for tablets and phones (Google Drive, Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Sheets)


Username: firstname+lastname+last4digitslunchnumber@humbleisd.net

(Example: name is Mary Jones and lunch/ID number is 123456 - username is maryjones3456@humbleisd.net)

Password: Student's individual computer login at school as used in computer lab (2 letters and 4 numbers)

If the password is ever needed, please contact your child's RELA/S.S. teacher.

Please click tutorial for a brief overview. 

Benefits - 1) auto-save, 2) everything is saved in Google "cloud" and is accessible from any device with internet access, 3) comparable to Microsoft Office products and work on a Mac as well, 4) easily share with your teacher - once shared any changes or modifications that are made are automatically saved on the shared file with the teacher - you do not have to re-share


Lunch: The following are the new prices for the 2017-2018 school year for breakfast and lunch:

Due to Hurricane Harvey, all lunches are currently free, however, seconds cost as below in red.

Student breakfast $1.40

Reduced student breakfast $0.30 

Student lunch $2.20

Reduced student lunch $0.40


Visiting child breakfast $1.50 

Visiting child lunch $2.50


Adult breakfast $2.00 

Adult lunch $3.50

Special event Adult Lunch $4.00


On selected days this year, seconds may be served during 5th-grade lunch for those who want it.  Please keep the following in mind:

- ALL students getting seconds will be charged FULL lunch price regardless of what they ask for on their tray (example: If a student asks for only the entree of the day with no vegetable or fruit, the student will still be charged a FULL lunch price).


- Students will likely only have about 5-8 minutes to eat their seconds.


- Snacks and ice cream will be charged at regular price.


- If you wish to limit or prohibit seconds or other extras, then please e-mail or call Linda Lee, ASE cafeteria manager.  She can place a note or block on a student lunch account.


Homework Policy: The general policy for 5th grade is that homework is assigned on an as-needed basis.  If you are requesting work for extra practice at home, please contact your child's teacher.  There may be occasions where class-wide homework is assigned, but your child's teacher will communicate this.


Reading homework: The students are expected to read as their time allows.  There will not be a reading log for minutes to be turned in weekly or monthly.  Each RELA class is conducting a 40 Book Challenge.


The students are also encouraged to do IStation activities at least 1-2 times a week.  For extra practice, some students may be asked to do more IStation per week.  This is important as IStation is the district-mandated reading screener (assessment) tool to gauge the student's monthly reading level and amount of growth from month to month.  These assessments are completed in class towards the beginning of each month.


The following links are for Book Clubs:


Character Captain



Discussion Director

Word Wizard 


Vocabulary and Spelling: We will be doing approximately 2 weeks vocabulary and 1 week spelling in 5th grade.  Typically, the word list is given on Wednesday with the activities completed due and the test on the following Tuesday.  The file for whatever list we are on will be posted near the top of the 5th Grade News page.  The lists will also be posted on Spelling/Vocabulary City.


Vocabulary instructions: Most of the words we will have for vocabulary will be academic words they will see, hear, and use in other subject areas.


A new list of words will be given out on a Wednesday.


Students are to use their Spelling/Vocabulary City log-in to complete the assigned activities. 


Spelling/Vocabulary City has all the information you need to do your homework with the specific definition we want the students to learn

Here are the steps:

Login (username - lunch number, password - h and lunch number - ex. h123456)

Click Lists and Games

Next to the appropriate list, click on Study

From there, click Flash Cards

Click on Flip and Next in the bottom right corner to navigate through the slides


Online Dictionaries:

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The Free Dictionary

Your Dictionary


Spelling instructions: A spelling inventory was completed within the first couple weeks of school.  This was scored and the information was used to determine what spelling group each student will be in.  Students begin spelling word sorts based on a specific spelling rule.


A new list of words will be given out on a Wednesday.


Spelling/Vocabulary City activities should be completed by the following Tuesday.  PLEASE MAKE SURE TO LOG-IN.


Spelling/Vocabulary City


Tutoring: Tutoring will be offered on an as-needed basis to help students struggling with a specific concept or skill.  Per district policy, tutoring can now be offered during the course of the school day as one-on-one instruction or small group instruction.  This will be our primary time for tutoring.  If certain skills need additional teaching and practice, then the teacher may schedule with the parent a day and time before or after school and this will only be on a case-by-case basis.


PTO forms: PTO gave all parents a packet of information at enrollment verification and Panther Camp before school started.  Within that packet, there are some forms that need to be filled out and returned.  These forms can also be retrieved by clicking here.  Please fill out and return these forms ASAP.  The party form is required so your child can participate in the two class parties.  Please also send $10 with the form as this money is what is used to purchase the party supplies and food.


Grades: Please check your son/daughter's grades at least once a week in Home Access.


Science Daily Reinforcers:

DR 1-10

DR 11-20

DR 21-30

DR 31-40

DR 41-50

DR 51-60

DR 61-70

DR 71-80

DR 81-90

DR 91-100

DR 101-110

DR 111-120


DR 131-140

DR 141-150

DR 151-160

DR 161-170

DR 171-180

DR 181-190

DR 191-200

DR 201-210

DR 211-220

DR 221-230

DR 231-240


Healthy Snack:Please remember we have a 5-10 minute snack time in which students can gain some energy by eating a healthy snack. With the start of a new semester, we want to revisit what acceptable healthy snacks are. Please click on Healthy snacks for a school approved list. Please note the list does not include potato chips of any kind or cookies - these can be eaten during lunch, but not during the class snack time.


Graded papers: When graded papers are sent home, please take a look at them, then keep them at your discretion. I recommend keeping all fall semester papers until the winter break and spring semester papers until the end of school. Per school policy, the only individual work that can be corrected for an improved grade are assignments with a score below a 70. Accurate corrections will result in a grade of no higher than a 70.


Spirit day contest:Spirit Day is every Friday. Students are being asked to show their school spirit by wearing an ASE shirt of any kind every Friday. Spirit shirts also include solid or nearly solid black or green shirts (spirit colors). Classes with the most participation, including the teacher, will be awarded a "We Matter" ticket, put in a drawing for a chance to win and carry around the spirit stick (which will be decorated by all the winning classes), and featured on the ASE News.


Box Tops:Please send in your Box Tops either on the sheet that was sent home a couple weeks ago or in a zipper baggie. Please include my name and 5th grade so our class gets credit.


Work Ethic: 110% effort by 100% of the students. Everything is done by 100% of the students 100% of the time.


School arrival: Students are being asked to arrive at school as promptly as possible. Doors open at 7:30. While they wait in the flex room, they are reading, finishing homework, studying, or drawing.


Gum chewing: Gum chewing is not allowed at school or at school activities. If it is caught, it will be dealt with accordingly.

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