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Essays About Achievements In Life

Please help me out, the essay has to be 300-350 words but mine is around 420 words.And if possible can you suggest some closing lines.Thankyou!

"When you make a mistake, don't look back at it long. Take the reason of the thing into your mind and then look forward. Mistakes are lessons of wisdom. The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power."-Hugh White.

My greatest achievement in life is undoubtedly my greatest failures in life. To "learn from your own mistakes" is a quote by which I have lived all my life and will continue to live by. All my life, I, like all other humans, have made mistakes. However, unlike others, I have squeezed through these huge walls of mistakes and have come out as a reformed individual, with a positive outlook on life. They say that experience is the best teacher; and what better way to get experience than from your own mistakes. May it be in terms of academics, self-reform, or even in helping others, I have made mistakes; but have never let them overpower my confidence and perseverance to succeed in life.

It is rightfully said that mistakes are the stepping stones for success; and in my past, I have made countless mistakes, and thus I assume that I am on the right path. My biggest mistakes in life can most probably be related to my love for taking risks. The desire to do off-the-beaten-path things takes away my fear of failure and lets me take risks without thinking about the outcome. I have always tried to remain consistent throughout my entire academic life, but "to err is human", and that I am. By this I mean to say that, like other, I too had many distractions which interfered in my path to becoming a well-rounded individual; and although, in some cases, these distractions achieved their goals, they could not stop me from achieving mine. Just like when you are learning to ride a bike, you fall down countless number of times, but each time you do, you get better and better, as is the case with life; you make countless mistakes, and each time you do, you learn a new lesson of life.

The road to success has many cracks, each ready to make you stumble and lose hope; but it is your self-determination and perseverance which ultimately becomes the driving force that lets you recover from your fall and mend the road ahead so that you may have less stumbles on your way.

"My greatest achievement in life is undoubtedly my greatest failures in life." Choose either singular or plural, greatest achievements are greatest failures or greatest achievement is greatest failure.

You can't say "I, unlike others" because it's assuming others haven't learned from their mistakes

I'ts generally not a good idea to use "you" in an essay

The idea is there and you make some really good points, but the fact that you don't reveal anything about your personal mistakes and what you got out of them makes it a very generic essay. It doesn't tell the reader anything about you. The essay is about you, so don't write about humans in general or how it's normal for everyone to make mistakes. Write about why you are different and how those mistakes have made you learn things others maybe haven't, or things in general that will make you stand out.

“No matter how hard I try, I completely freeze up.

After all, I’m getting my MBA so that I could have achieve great things in the FUTURE. I just feel that what I’ve got to say is boring… Any ideas?”

We received this question from a former client. Here’s what our CEO, Jon Frank, had to say back:

I find it hard to believe that you’ve had NO great life achievements to date. Yeah, an MBA is going to help you get ahead in your career, but I’m SURE you’ve done some great things so far. And even if they aren’t GREAT, you’ve done SOMETHING… and that something could make for a great essay. So relax. You got this.

The best way to approach this sort of question is to take the pressure off a bit. It doesn’t have to be the biggest, coolest thing on earth. Not even the biggest, coolest thing you’ve done. In fact, some of the BEST versions of this essay are very “simple,” or “not impressive accomplishments.” Crossing the street, for example. Man, that sounds so easy! How could it be your best accomplishment, the reader wonders? Well, in the second paragraph, we learn that “I was born with no feet.” You get the idea.

Also, the impressive-ness comes when we talk about the lessons. So let’s say it’s a deal you worked on. Any old deal. Blablabla, it only made the company $10,000. Not a ton of cash, no, but the LESSONS you drew from it were priceless. You learned to be CONFIDENT. You learned how to manage a team. You took SOMETHING from this experience. Sure, the accomplishment wasn’t amazing, but it led to some AMAZING learnings. Again, it’s almost BETTER if the lessons are simple or obvious – it makes you seem that much more confident when you get to the lessons.

Lastly, in choosing the one to go with…don’t forget what we ALWAYS say:
think of your app like your life’s Greatest Hits album. Which of your greatest hits haven’t you written about yet? What story do you want the admissions committee members (we call them adcoms) to know that you haven’t shared yet? Got one? Go with THAT one. Write about THAT one. It doesn’t have to be so amazing or something you’d include in your memoir 30 years down the road, but it’s good for now and for showing those adcoms who you are and what you can do. Gussy it up by focusing on the lessons and you’ve officially unfrozen yourself.

Now, get writing 🙂

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