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Module 15 Lesson 2 Mastery Assignment Of Lease

Module 2 Lesson 2 Mastery AssignmentDirecTons: You will fll in the inFormaTon below From the perspecTve oF a colonist. ±he news oF the Ba²le oF Lexington and Concord has spread to your town. You are debaTng on whether you would like to be a loyalist/tory (someone who supports the BriTsh) or a patriot (someone who supports independence). Step One:Character’s ±houghts Explain how the war will a³ect your everyday liFe including your job, Family, and community. Put this in a Few sentences by your character’s head.Step ±hree: Character’s Path List three historical events that will impact your decision and explain why they are important to your decision (Example: ´rench and Indian War, Intolerable Acts, “±axaTon without RepresentaTon,” Stamp Act, Boston Massacre, Boston ±ea Party, etc.)Step Four: Character’s Heart Determine whether your character is a loyalist/tory or patriot. Why is this your ulTmate decision. Put this in a Few sentences by your character’s heart.

Module 15 Lesson 2 Mastery Assignment Write Your Own Story!Your task is to write a story about WWII. Your intended reader is someone who knows very little about thewar. Use the outline below in order to cover the major points. Your story should be between 400 and 600 words in length. You may use outside sources but you must site them at the end of your essay. I. Causes of WWII     a.Rise of totalitarian/aggressive governments (Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito)     b.Policy of appeasement     c.Non-aggression pactII. The War Begins     a.Hitler invades Poland with blitzkrieg tactic     b.The fall of France to the Germans

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